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Camarilla Clans
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Ventrue Clan PagesClan Ventrue Caitiff Clan PagesCaitiff

Independent Clans
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Sabbat Clans
Tzimisce Clan Pages Clan Tzimisce

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Rangers of the Triangle

Game Add-ons

Vampire WWW Archive : Vampire WWW Server - US Mirror Site

Vampire Clans : Information about Clans and Subclans.

MasqNet : A cool Vampire site with pages for most clans.

BJ Zanzibar's World of Darkness site : One of the BEST sites.

Vampire White Pages : The Vampire White Pages.

Vampire WWW Server : The Vampire WWW Server.

Vampires.Com : Vampires.COM

Anarchs : The Anarchs Home page

Planet X : Red Rose Vampire Resources

LARP Mage Rules : Courtesy of Planet X

The Elysium : An electronically published magazine.

The Lasombra Anti-tribu Page : Home Page for the Non-Sabbat Lasombra

Gargoyle Bloodline : Information regarding the Gargoyle Bloodline.

Lancea Bloodline : Information regarding the Lancea Bloodline.

One World by Night : Ongoing interactive literature chronicles.

Bloodshadows Home Page : Bloodshadows LARP in Denver, CO.

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