Directions to NC State University

Get to I-440 beltline.

If you're coming from the north, take the outer beltline to Western Blvd. Exit EAST (not to Cary). The sign should say to NC State. You will pass four lights and come to a bridge on the left hand side (there is a Circle K up ahead). Take the left turn (the university is on the left hand side). Go until you see the Bell Tower, and the road splits. Take the left fork and follow it until you get to Hillsborough street. Across the street is a large, hotel looking residence hall (North Hall). Parking can be found there after 5:00pm. We will be playing in the ground floor (basement) of Tompkins Hall, building #22 on the map below.

If you're coming from the south, get on 440 and take it to Gorman street. If on the Inner beltline, turn right. Otherwise, turn left. Take Gorman up to the large intersection (Avent Ferry) and take a right. Take Avent Ferry until you meet Western Blvd (movie theater, bank, etc.) and take a right. The bridge mentioned above will be on your left. Follow the same directions from there.

Map of NC State University

NC State Home Page (for maps and extra info)